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Monday, September 3, 2012



A week ago we were in western Virginia.  I was admiring this ten dollar box of Gala apples at a farmers market.  I asked the seller, "Are these fresh or last year's crop?"
"Fresh as they come," he answered adding, "I picked them this morning".   
 Mmmm they tasted like that too.   Stop by if you want to try one of the few we have left.

My youngest child, Ian, went off to college two weeks ago.  He's doing fine in Tallahassee.
At last week's wedding one of my nieces asked with a smile, "Are you suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome?"

The question startled me.  I wanted to tell her I had gotten kicked out of my nest twelve years ago when my first wife filed for a divorce.   It took me years to build another one but it didn't really include kids.  
I don't think she wanted to hear that. 
I answered, "No, I'm okay". 

Talking politics can be painful too.  I was at a party tonight and most of the people there were strangers.  A woman began talking about Florida's governor, one of the least-liked politicians in the country.
I  asked, "Did you vote for him?" and she answered, "Yes, and I'll vote for him again.   Romney too.  I worked hard for my money and I don't want to share it with anyone".
Maybe I live in a bubble but I had not heard a real person talking like this in years.  I guess there are millions like her but they don't have my ear.
The woman went on to add, "I don't have kids so I don't care about the future.  I really don't care about anyone but me".
Part of me wanted to slap her silly.  The better part had me quip, "I try to care for everyone", as I quickly walked away.

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  1. You and your bloody apples, I'm scared of the bloody things now. LOL Each day in our Hotel in N.C. they gave us fresh apples that were so good now we are home and it's back to apples that weigh an ounce and taste like paperboard.

    Really, people actually say they don't care about the future? Perhaps you should have slapped her.