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Saturday, September 29, 2012


The annual Burning Man Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert is one of our country's premiere (and weirdest) cultural events.  At the end of a week of creative madness a 40-foot wooden figure is set on fire.
     Wouldn't it be great to have something like this in Miami?    I'm going to experiment with the idea when I will stage the world's first Burning Mango event this weekend.   For sure, it will be smaller than the Nevada totem (my mango is 3-feet tall but that's BIG for a fruit!)  As you can see  it is so heavy it takes two robots to lift it.

    The crowd  will be limited, just a few dozen friends, but that's how things get started.  Back when we staged the first King Mango Strut Parade in 1982, we had about 110 participants and not many more watching.
     Perhaps this weekend's folly will start somethin'!

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