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Saturday, September 3, 2011


It’s off the beaten track, the one near airports and interstates, but Yellowstone National Park is worth the extra effort.
Where else can you watch angry, boiling water shooting up like skyrockets or have these shaggy beasts grazing next to your car?

The Yellowstone river winds through the place picking up more water along the way. When it reaches Yellowstone Canyon (fifty feet to the left of this photo) it falls hundreds of feet into the gorge.

Imagine someone wading into the edge of this water to pose for a picture.
A few days later we read about two young tourists who did that above a similar waterfall in Yosemite National Park.
The women were swept over the falls as was the young man who tried to help.
It took days to recover their bodies.
It seems strange that people ignore the multiple warning signs and climb over railings to put themselves in danger.
The rangers describe them as being in the “stupid age zone”.

Consider this photo taken by a Martian probe as it approached the Red Planet... wait,
Mars doesn’t have boardwalks yet.
This must be one of the park’s thermal pools. They have many warning signs too but somehow people manage to fall into them.

When Francesa and I were walking around this one we talked like excited kids visiting Disneyland, “Can you believe this place? “Oh, the colors!” and “Isn’t it great that the obnoxiously loud Harley people had not discovered this place y-"

Suddenly we heard the flatulent roar of large motorcycles and were soon surrounded by the Sons of Armageddon.
Anyone wearing tight, black leather on this
hot summer’s day had to be from Hell, the Armageddon, or possibly Texas.

After taking another look at Yellowstone

Canyon we repaired to our campsite.
The evening concert featured two madrigals on recorder and lute.

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