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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What would it take to get you to vote for Mike Tyson?
The question perplexed me for over an hour last night.
The former pugilist had hired me to run his school board campaign. I asked him why he chose not to run for President, like everyone else, and he replied in a surprising high voice, "I want to do something for the children".
What a guy.
I pointed out that his tattooed face and rape conviction could pose problems. As we tried to steer around his bouts with madness I woke up. Easing out of bed I was still worrying the Tyson campaign. Some dreams take time to fade.

The truth is, if Iron Mike started dissing big government, global warming, and scientists he could probably get elected to anything in Flori-duh.


These summer images came from the west coast.

- As a beach bum I love exploring everything that washes up on shore. These piles of fading fire wood litter the Northwest Coast. I imagine all these broken branches falling into rivers and streams that miraculously get carried all the way to the sea only to end up on the land again. The magnificent horse sculpture in my previous blog was made from these twisted little sticks.

- Our guest room in Berkeley included a rotary phone that actually worked. How long has it been since your fingers went for a workout on one of these?

-These fat little succulents grow next to the beaches in both Oregon and Florida. I’m told they're good in a salad,

- (At top) The rain forests are filled with ferns. This is four-square-inches of a fallen tree.

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