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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Neighbor Charles looked at us as if we were crafting buggy whips and said, "Don't you know people stopped using those in the 80's?". My wife and I didn't care, we continued installing our latest television antennae.

Charles added with his usual wry humor, "For 75 bucks a month you can avoid all that and have 80 channels not worth watching". As he described the demise of the History Channel the aluminum struts snapped smartly into place. What had fit inside a long skinny box now looked like a shiny space satellite.

We clamped it to the end of a long pole and raised it like a flag. I bet you could drive for miles and not see another one.

Our new $35 antennae now pulls fourteen TV channels for free. Sure, four of them are in a language I don't understand but when you're watching masked Mexican wrestlers, who cares?

We may have only 14 channels that aren't worth watching but at least we're not blowing a wad doing it.

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