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Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Flagler Flea Market used to be one of my favorite hangouts. A ten-minute drive took me to what seemed like a third world country, one selling ceviche, sacrificial chickens and three mangos for a dollar.
It hurt to see it replaced by the garish Magic City Casino two years ago but just last week the flea market popped
up again.

Now its "Century Marketplace" located on the north side of Ocean Bank, just north of NW 7 Street and Lejuene Road. You enter "round back"on 43d Avenue. There were no parking or entry fees last weekend but that will probably change.

As you can see , most of the stuff is schlock, things you'd never dream of buying but who cares? Loosen up and enjoy the another world. Groove to the Cuban son being blasted by the CD sellers. Get your goldfish food wholesale and better yet buy food for yourself on Produce Row.

I bought lemons at 1968 prices (ten cents each), a calabasa that could feed twenty, and an avocado perfectly ripe for guacamole. You may not speak the same language as the sellers but Spanglish or hand signals work just fine.

The new market is open on weekends from nine to five. Tell them The Grove Guy sent you.
They'll have no idea what you're talking about.

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