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Saturday, January 26, 2019


      Almost anyone can draw a cartoon.  The hard part is being funny. Coconut Grove has always had some sort of community newspaper. Forty years ago I began submitting silly sketches to the local rag and, by God, they got published. 

    Here are a few of them with brief explanations,

    Sometimes my imagination gets the best of me when I'll hear a song lyric (like "Oh Susanna").
 Or, I'll take a fast food menu a little further.

     I drew the one below in the 70's.  I was sailing a lot and the phrases you see were quite popular then. 

     I once went on a college field trip to a state prison.  In the cafeteria I imagined inmates striving to get inducted into the same club my parents wanted me to join at the end of every meal.


   In 2000 my first wife and I separated.  The one below tried to find a little levity in a heartbreaking situation.

   Twenty-five years later I was writing "The Grove Guy", a bi-monthly column for the Miami Herald. I drew cartoons for that too.  I'll show you some next week. 

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