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Thursday, June 21, 2018


   They say the longest journey begins with the first step but what if you're driving?  Today we hopped in our camper van and headed north on our latest 10,000 mile Tour of America.  

    After I passed my neighbor's house I thought, "We just drove one hundredth of a mile. We only have to do this a million more times and we'll be home again".
    I was wrong, we had forgotten to latch the front gate. I pulled a U'y, latched that sucker, and departed once more. Francesca, our dog "Pi", and I are now rollin' up I-95.       
    Tomorrow we'll be in Charleston. On Saturday we'll join forty others at the Terry reunion on the sweltering North Carolina coast. 4000 miles of zig-zags later will put us in the Canadian Rockies. We hear they still have snow!
    That's the plan. We wish you the best on your summer adventures.
For detailed plans on how YOU can make your own camper van, check out the next entry.

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