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Saturday, January 27, 2018


         Our neighbor, artist Mette Tommerup, paints  big and blue. We we were there for the opening of her show last night at the Emerson-Dorsch Gallery in Little Haiti.

    Ocean blue is the dominant color as Mette's Danish veins run with Viking, sea-loving blood.

"Ocean Loop"

Mette, thrilled to see neighbor Davey show up

                     Gallery owners, Brook and Tyler Dorsch
Brook suggested that we climb the staircase to the roof deck.  We did and relaxed on huge pillows as poofy clouds drifting across our town. That was a wonderful but what really got my roof-top attention was the circus tiger cage. 

The owners explained that they have a problem with air conditioners being stolen.  Adding tigers
could make them even more safe.

You too can enjoy Mette's show, at 5900 NW 2d Ave., from now until February 24th.

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