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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

BURNING MAN, Perfect for a Camera

     It's not uncommon to hear photographers say, "I took 2000 pictures at Burning Man".  Amazing things -and amazing people- surround you during the eight-day desert festival.
      Here are portraits I took of a few Burners. Their wearable art was a big part of the show.
      Taking these shots? Generally I'd say "hello" and ask permission. Not so much for the sleepers.

 Enchanted by the Tree of Life

Ian, about to board the bus

 Dusty little Romeo who came to BMan from Switzerland

Aboard the Dragamuffin mutant vehicle

  Camp Abraxis senior costume designer, Bobcat, aboard the Dragamuffin

Sometimes it was too hot for costumes

 Forever Young- Our camp had a very friendly teenager, Josh, who told us his mother was camping nearby. We later learned he was 33.

This fashionisto has been a hit at the BMan fashion show for years.

Voted the show's "Most Amazing", Gayle Maccia

Lena, our new Iraqi friend, had her own mango fashion show.

One of the many photographers.

 The Grove Guy assisting at the performance stage which featured eco-evangelist, "Reverend Billy", and Hal, the fashion show's legendary master of ceremonies.

Airport shot- Going home was happy/sad


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