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Thursday, August 17, 2017

THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED On My Way Home From the Jeff Sessions Protest

    There are so many reasons not to like Jeff Sessions (and the president he works for).  Yesterday I was privileged to stage a one-man protest as the Attorney General passed by in downtown Miami.

     He came here to praise our county mayor, Carlos Gimenez.  The former fireman was the first elected official say, "I support the President and will allow no sanctuary for undocumented aliens in Miami".  
   Most leaders of our nation's large cities did not cave in like Gimenez did.

     When Sessions announced plans to come to Miami to praise our mayor and 45's black-hearted immigration policies, a protest was planned. I decided to attend in my Trump outfit with silly signs saying things that might pour out of his fool-mouth.
      At 1:30 p.m. a hundred people showed up at the Torch of Friendship. Speeches were made by local leaders like Jose Javier Rodriguez and Ken Russell. At 2:30 the group began marching to the nearby Port of Miami where Sessions was speaking at a luncheon to praise Gimenez and our alt. right President. 
   Dozens of police cars, some marked,some not, followed our every move. A dark police helicopter hovered overhead.

       They stopped our group at the port. We were not allowed to go anywhere near Sessions or where his motorcade would soon be passing by. The protest leaders chose to march away from the police, stopping here and there to make more speeches.

       I stood to the side doing my Trump thing, flashing signs like this. 

      It was 94 degrees hot and I was sweltering inside my mask.  After my ten-minute show I put my mask, coat, and fat-man pillow back in my car. I walked a few blocks to chat with the marchers who had returned to the Torch of Friendship.
     It was over for me and I headed back to my Honda, Trump signs in hand. We had gotten nowhere near Sessions but had done our best and were well-covered by the media.

     As I approached my car parked on Biscayne Boulevard a long line of police motorcyclists began roaring down the Port of Miami's exit ramp.  I realized, "This is it, the beginning of Jeff Sessions' motorcade!".  It was my chance to go one-on-one with Alabama's racist Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

      My signs were now out of context as I was not wearing my mask. Now I would look like a Sessions-hating Trump supporter.

   What the heck. I got to stand on a corner and address the fourth most powerful man in the country.

    Note:  The photograph above was taken by a South African tourist who was waiting for a bus. He wasn't a Sessions fan either.           


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