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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


       Photographers are constantly snapping at Burning Man.  It's a wonder they're able to see anything without looking through a camera.  One fellow I spoke with had passed the 4000 photo mark mid-week.  I kept it down to a reasonable 410.  Here are a few more before I move on. 
 At this clinic they could determine "who's your daddy" by taking a sample of your ear wax and matching the color.
 I first mistook these sculptures for real birds (a half mile off) then, as I got closer, I realized they were taller than me.

 Cardboard, apes,  eight-feet tall

 The morning after The Man burned someone was cooking french toast


in the embers that remained,

while this Russian lad

           combed the rubble for treasure

 The Lost & Found had an incredible collection of lost car keys.  

 Below, a man chased by a 
dust devil

We waited in line five hours to get through the front gate.
To amuse myself I went from car-to-car pretending to be a 
pea farmer. I asked folks to "Give peas a chance" as I offered
fresh peas. I was soon joined by New York Steve who
suggested, "Chase them with tequila!"  Many did.


 There were over 200 sculptures on the Playa.

 Spread out over a huge area, each invited you to walk or ride to the next.  Touching was not only allowed but expected. I chose to sit.

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