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Thursday, September 24, 2015


           We received a new  board game in the mail today, "Sarnoffopoly". It makes fun of the fact that Miami city commissioner, Marc Sarnoff, is trying to create a family dynasty in city hall. Our Coconut Grove representative is term limited so he asked his wife, Teresa, to replace him.
      She is running in the November 3 election  The Sarnoffs have collected almost $900,000 (75% from developers) to pay for their "Vote Teresa" campaign.  This is more than the total amount the other 8 candidates have collected.

    Marc Sarnoff is the same guy who -when he first ran for office nine years ago- was quoted in the The Miami Herald as saying, 

"When somebody gives you half a million dollars, they expect to get a return on their investment. And that return means large high-rise buildings in Miami. That's the bottom line".

    Do you want more high-rise buildings in Miami?  Having the Sarnoffs decide the future of Coconut Grove?

    The "game" was obviously sent out by a competitor who does not want Teresa to win. On the board she is surrounded by the businesses and special interest groups who have stocked her ample campaign war chest.

    The bottom line in this election is Ms. Sarnoff should not win. 

    I know her fairly well. She is a nice person but unqualified to serve our city. Teresa has never participated in politics or done anything significant to help our community.  
   Commissioners are supposed to be leaders and Teresa?  She has never led anything. Please don't tell me about the homeless group her supporters created last year to make her look good.  That doesn't count. Neither does being married to a commissioner.
    Again, I like Ms. Sarnoff but there must be 3000 people in District Two more qualified to serve. 
   If Teresa Sarnoff really wants to play the game she needs do more than give occasional speeches. She must get down in the trenches, get involved in politics and work with our community. Then, if she's lucky, she may be able to prove she is worthy to hold office.
      If people vote for the most qualified candidate  they won't be choosing Teresa Sarnoff.  She's a pleasant person but she hasn't done her homework.

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