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Sunday, July 26, 2015


          Our little French town has so much going for it.     You start your day sitting at an outdoor cafe and think, "What's next... a bike ride, river walk, or just watching the world pass by?"  

    Josselin's 16th century cathedral is a stone's throw away and we visit often.     Inside are tombs,  glowing windows, and the occasional organ concert.
 During a Sunday service we get to sing in Latin. 

 Climbing the church's tower we see the town from a swift's point-of-view.

These birds zoom all over and can stay aloft for months (strange but true). We found a dead one in our attic.

    Beyond the town are wheat fields, some with their own chapels.
 The grain is magically transformed into the fresh bread we buy every morning.
 We love that ritual. That's how it is in this small town in France. 

               Martha and I with our neighbor's flowers

   Sensing there may be more beyond, we ventured north to the coastal town of St. Malo.  The recent bestseller, "All the Light You Cannot See", takes place there.

    St. Malo is surrounded by the sea, ancient walls and centuries of stories.

 Tree trunks have been pounded into the sand, backrests for picnickers.

Some people worked

while others made merry.


    Three sides of Brittany touch the Atlantic.  In my next entry we'll ride the waves to explore an incredible island. 

Isle de Groix, France

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