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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


        Millions of people have been amazed watching videos of Theo Jansen's "Strandbeests", huge  robotic sculptures striding across the beaches of Holland.      They were here this week, one of the many Art Basel attractions.
    On Sunday morning we watched Jansen guide two of his wind-powered plastic contraptions over the dunes and onto the sand. He spoke with a hundred admirers about his "new form of life" 
that will "still be walking" after he is gone.  To walk they need wind.

    We stood waiting for it.  The wind tried to reach us from the Northwest but was blocked by South Beach.
     Staring at the beests, I marveled at Jansen's unique system of sails and struts that capture energy and store it, via air pressure, in plastic soda bottles.  Amazing. 
    Theo dragged one of his babies into a tease of a breeze but it wasn't quite enough.  We had to settle for a demonstration powered by an electrical air compressor.  The sun doesn't always shine and the wind can forget to blow.
   You can see Theo and the beasts marching at .


     Wandering through the Art Basil-Miami experience can leave one jaded but every now and then you're surprised.  On Sunday you could see Theo and his "beests" then,

marvel at the sand prints under them.
   The City of Miami Beach apparently has a cadre of sand stamping machines that wander the shore every morning.  

Careful, don't step on a star.


    For those of you who wonder , "What ever happened to Generalissimo Franco?",
we found him in a Coke cooler at Art Miami.

-More on Art Basel later-


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