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Saturday, November 29, 2014


        Nothing says "Miami" like a fragrant, luscious mango. 

    Unfortunately, we never have any to share  during the holiday gift-giving season (forget the cardboard-tasting imports).  Fresh mangos are still  months away so why not give mangos-to-wear?

     The Mango Republic has many ultra cool, 100% cotton t-shirts featuring the Mango King.                Dylan & Natalia

     You can see our selection by visiting our online site,  
    They can be purchased online, or, by coming by The Mango Republic Store (our house) on Palmetto Avenue.

   Last year someone bought 36 of them, one for every lucky mango-loving person on her list!

    Mangos make everyone happy.  When people see you wearing one they smile.

            What could be better than that? 
                                   Adam of Santa Cruz



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