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Saturday, May 17, 2014


        I couldn't get no satisfaction practicing law; it seemed kind of useless to me.  As an art teacher I have fun and many more opportunities to make good things happen.   
   I'd been reading about how cell phone addiction causes thousands of car accidents.  This week I turned the problem into an art project. 


My 600 hundred students are making posters asking their parents to "put the phone down".  Attached to each on is a Miami Herald article with statistics (using a cell phone while you drive increases you chances of hitting something four fold. Texting?  Geez. You might as well put a TV on your dashboard.  43% of teens admit doing it while driving).
     We're also making these paper bracelets for parents. On each is written messages ranging from "Don't drive distracted" to "Your cell phone might kill us".  

      It's not problem for me.  I am happily one of the 9% who does have one of those buttoned, buzzing things in his pocket.  

      If I was lawyering I'd be spending two years suing some tortured soul who ran over my client while on his cell phone.   For two weeks I'm the pied piper of posters encouraging people not to do the same thing.

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