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Sunday, December 15, 2013


       I paint a bit, quick renderings on plywood.    You can see some of them on my Mango Republic website, (    When I take them to art shows people snap them up.  Customers tell me my paintings make them happy, and, they're cheap.   To sell a few more I am trying something new.
     Artists often choose themes.  Colombia's Fernando Botero is well-known for his fat people.  
For some reason people can't get enough of them. 

George Rodrigue started painting blue dogs with mesmerizing yellow eyes twenty years ago.  They became very popular.  I saw one on E-bay recently priced at $35,000.

       Every artist wants his work to sell and I am no exception.  Now I am now beginning a series of paintings featuring corpulent, blue mangoes. 
         The first, "Blue Mango",  is now hanging in the Mango Republic Gallery.  It's stare is similar to Mona Lisa's; it seems to follow you where ever you go.  

"Blue Mango"  12"x12"  Acrylic on plywood.

NOTE:  "Blue Mango" was purchased hours after I posted this.  There will be more paintings in the mango series soon.

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  1. First dibs! Finally, I can round out my Terry collection with one from his "blue" period.