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Thursday, May 9, 2013


   The April 8th New Yorker had an article about a drone workshop in Washington D.C.   It said for $325 you could buy and assemble your own Chinese drone. 
    What could be cooler that that?  
Well for one, how 'bout doing the same thing for $26.  I just bought a little drone (fully assembled) on Amazon.  It's my new best friend, my little blue helicopter.
We go flying everyday.  As it hovers above me I imagine being up there, the rotor swishing madly above.  When it crashes (it happens a lot) it hurts but my electric wonder pops right up to fly again.

   Its such a far cry from the gas-guzzling planes I flew as a kid.  Once they hit the ground it was over.
   These simple machines are amazing, a reminder of how far micro-avionics have come.   When I fly my chopper for visiting women they seem mildly amused.
  Every guy goes wide-eyed and squawks, "I gotta get one!"
    For an extra $80 you can get a helicopter equipped with a video camera.  I don't need that.
   I'm happy enough watching my mechanical dragonfly zip around the living room and occasionally chase the dog.
   They are using larger versions to deliver supplies to troops in Afghanistan.  I tried to get it to bring me a can of beer. Unfortunately, it can only lift an empty one.


There's a new hostelry
in Coconut Grove.  I looked through its brochure and it said the finest room was the "King Mango Suite".  For  $35, someone will even give you a bath!
 Intrigued, I visited "Dogtown" on Grand Avenue.
The manager, Lucille, told me my dog can have a sleepover in the king's suite for just $58 (If Pi brings a friend, $76).  Like many finer hotels there is a gift shop. It includes a great selection of toys, bones, and hydrants.  

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