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Sunday, April 28, 2013


   Francesca and I went on two new Miami adventures this weekend.  Last night we joined 200 happy, costumed people to see the Front Yard Theater Collective's production of "Alice in Wynwoodland".  
 This play was a little different as it was set in the Wynwood art district and the audience travelled from scene-to-scene on bicycles. 
  It began as we gathered next to the soon-to-be-demolished Miami Herald building.

  Suddenly The White Rabbit appeared shouting, "I'm late, I'm late!". 

When she jumped on her bike we followed.  Soon the silly wabbit  had us riding in a circle.  We figured we were figuratively going down The Rabbit Hole.  Ol' Floppy Ears then led us to a bay side park to see the first act of the play.
    Tweedledum and Tweedledee were now Wynwood artists.  They were not able to help Alice find the elusive rabbit.  The Cheshire Cat befuddled her as well.  


He had this amazing grin painted on his face. 

 When the first act ended we pedaled up streets, down alleyways, and pushed our way through an opening in a fence.  This was an incredible eight mile ride took us to acts 2, 3, and things we had never seen in Miami before.
   Who knew the "Something About Mary" house had been replaced by an ugly condo?  That's so Miami...  and so was the next day's adventure...


     Today we crossed Biscayne Bay for the first "Poetry Is Dead Parade" on South Beach.   
      It was created by our friends that produced this month's O, Miami Poetry Festival.  How lucky we were to see so many dead poets in one place! They included Sylvia Plath, Jose Marti (actually two of them!) and Gil Scott Heron.  

We marched south in Lummus park fervently channeling the spirits of all expired rhymesters.  It did not take long for us to make this under-appreciated art form rise from the grave.   Spirits were high as this youthful group strutted its stuff. 

  King Mango even joined in even though he is neither a poet or dead.  


    The Grand Marshall was the sparkling Cuci Amador who sings for the popular band, Afrobeta.   She was so enamored by the king's royal presence she burst into song.  Of course it was one of her bouncy creations, "The Mango Song".
                                                                                                    Cuci leads with a song

   If it sounds like fun, it was.  We look forward to both of these  processions next year!

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