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Saturday, January 19, 2013


We no longer have to fly to San Francisco to get great bread.   Zak Stern is now making it in Miami. Miraculously, we scored our first loaf today.
We started hearing about Zak the Baker and his artisanal creations months ago, how he'd show up sporadically at farmers markets, sell out in an hour, and disappear.
When a friend gave us a loaf of his sour dough bread last Thanksgiving we were smitten.  They were able to get one because they had a connection.  Their son shared a house (and an oven) with Mr. Stern.
  The elusive Zak now apparently has his own oven.  This month's Edible South Florida magazine told us he has set up a wholesale bakery  and is selling the crunchy bread in several locations.  One of them is the Grove's own Daily Bread just north of South Dixie.  Reading this we rushed over to buy this lovely hunk of deliciousness.

    Loaves (if you can find one) are six bucks and well worth it.  All are organic and shaped by hand.  For more information, check Zak's website,


The same magazine also has an article on my son's business, Ready-To- Grow Gardens.  Dylan is now designing and installing gardens for restaurants (as well as residences).  The one next to Mandolin Aegean Bistro, in Miami's Design District, allows the chefs to pick herbs and veggies to add to their dishes.

Coral Gables' The Dome had a garden installed which it shares with Coral Gables Senior High's culinary arts program.  The curving beds, which you see here, are next to a "food forest", a collection of exotic fruit trees.
   Dylan Terry's website is .


We're heading up to Washington, DC, today.  Francesca and I have been telling people we are going to celebrate the President's inauguration but the real reason?  A nine-year-old student of mine asked me to deliver this note to the Commander-in-Chief. 
  Romina had a birthday this week.  I thought it was the least I could do.

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