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Wednesday, December 5, 2012



 It's usually depressing to see the "grand opening" of another gun shop.  But this one in Wynwood is different.   

The guns they sell aren't going to hurt anyone. They're made of paper.  

  Asif's Guns opened last night on NW 25 Street.  Like the rest of Art Basel-Miami, it closes on Sunday. 
    I asked the owner/artist, Asif, if he sold paper ammumnition as well.   He said, "No" but added that he is creating a new, working weapon.  Powered by rubber bands, it will shoot confetti. 




  Wynwood Walls has a lot of new street art including these Shepard Fairey murals.  

Touring Kenny Sharf's Airstream

 This remarkable portrait was created by chipping away at a concrete wall.
 In the Art Miami mega-tent we saw a painting by North Grove artist, Norman Leathers.  
 No gallery would show his work so he wore this one on his back.  When I asked its price he replied, "If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it". 
 Norman was probably right.


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