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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


    In a few hours Mitt Romney could become the next President.  For months I've asked myself, "How could this be?" but today I think I found the answer.  My dentist told me the Republican nominee wears magical underwear.
  It is way beyond Fruit-of-the- Loom.  It is the fruit of his church, The Latter Day Saints.  His under garments are manufactured by his Mormon brethren and sold to church members.
   The craziest thing is that I'm not making this up.  If Dave Barry still had a column this would be in it.
  The church's website explains that when Mormons join the church, they promise to wear special undergarments to remind them of their sacred vows.  There are even little symbols embroidered or marked on t-shirts and undies to remind wearers to "do the right thing".
   So we're having an election today and I hear some people are making their decision based on birth certificates and gas prices.    Maybe considering sacred underwear isn't so strange.

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  1. Oh good grief. So long as if he wins it doesn't become standard issue! Can you imagine, here in Fl how sticky it would get. Another reason to hope he isn't the next President.