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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


"Where am I?", asked Francesca, in the middle of last night.   When I told her we were home she asked, "Which home?" 
It can be that way when you return from road.

(Left: Italian sugar packets)
For two months we began our days staring at many different ceilings.  Traveling light, it was hard to write about them or anything else.  
  Three weeks ago we woke up below these hand-hewn oak beams in France.  They support the third level's floor.  Below us had once been a saddle maker's shop.  It was hard not to think about the many people that had occupied the space since the 1700's.    

Red bicycle, Florence, Italy
Ian, Francesca, Brigitte, and Dylan in the town square.  Bastille Day in Josselin, Britany 
This morning we woke up in our Coconut Grove home and will soon be teachers again. We hope your summer has brought you stories to share.   In the next couple of weeks I will add words and pictures to tell mine.

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