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Sunday, February 12, 2012


When we stumbled onto Butte's "Montana Folk Music Festival" last July, we became fans of roots music. The definition is hazy but it seems to be the music from the past on which most popular music is based. Some call it "world music".
Yesterday got a big helping of it at Miami's first "Grassroots Music & Dance Festival" on Virginia Key. Gospel, reggae, latin, bluegrass, and African groups played. We danced.

The night before Chaka Khan sang. We'd have gone just to the hear the always amazing Cajun group, Beausoliel.
Only 500 attended Saturday afternoon while there was room for 5000. It must have been the week's wind and rain. There were no lines for food, beer, or bathrooms. While I was there a guy chided us urinal users for "peeing too long". He must have been joking as he had to wait thirty seconds.

On Saturday afternoon the sun broke through grey clouds as a group of us put on a Love Parade. We strutted and smiled as fairies, love boats, pimps, love monkeys, and a
walking Shakespearean

In Miami it is sunny and dry so why not attend the festival today? It's just 30 bucks for twelve hours of music and fun. If enough of us go maybe they'll come back next year.

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