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Saturday, January 21, 2012


On the second Saturday night of every month galleries in Wynwood and the Design District are open for business. On our way home from last week's art walk we passed a new one for us. A bright neon sign on Biscayne Boulevard invited us to see "Art by God".

Intrigued by the large skeleton in the
front window, we pulled over. Stepping inside
we learned that the artist (God) had made indicate sea shells,
luminescent rocks, stuffed animals, and even penis bones. Francesca refused to go near the dead critters, which took up half of the store, but I pressed on. There was something transfixing about high level of taxidermic art displayed.

Many of the animals seemed to be caught mid-stride, like one moment they were prowling the veldt and -ZAP- they were suddenly some fat cat's hat rack.

Who buys this stuff?

A puma was climbing down the wall ($6000) and the front half of a bull elephant ($19,900) was coming through it. The least expensive dead mammal was a ratty, old possum. It could be had for $165.

I began thinking how odd it was, this house of corpses, then I remembered the Dead Chinese on Tour.
Six years ago locals were lining up at Sunset Place to see the stuffed people from Shanghai. I was not one of them but the demand is there. They'll probably have one standing next to Mr.Baboon soon.

35th 52 TOUR
The B-52s are very much alive and are presently on their 35th anniversary tour. The world's greatest party band will play the Arsht Center on February 12th.
I will be celebrating the 33d anniversary of the day I went to the beach with them.
Audrey, a friend of mine, was a friend of theirs so in '78 we frolicked in the surf at Crandon Park. We didn't drink tequila, dive for rock lobster or retreat to my love shack. They seemed to enjoy just sitting in the sun. Maybe it was me but that day they were quiet, nice, and normal.

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  1. I rushed for the dead Chinese people tour but the stuffed animals...I think I'll pass. However it kinda resembles some of the supermarkets i shopped in, in Asia.
    35 years of the B 52's. You have a way of making me count my yea
    rs on earth...quicker than I had planned.