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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Francesca and I were on a Street Art Tour in Wynwood last Sunday. We were taken by a collection of murals where NW 23 Street meets Miami Avenue. The neighborhood has quite a variety of outdoor art but these really grabbed us.
I took pictures then headed back to the car.

As we turned on to North Miami Avenue I almost hit a shirtless, tattooed cowboy. Standing in the road, he barely noticed.
The hombre stood motionless, like he was ready to draw. But there was no gun in his holster. just a can of black spray paint.

I parked the car and introduced myself. Justin Vallee told me he was more than an urban artist,
"My buddy and I are renaissance gypsies. We travel all over". His friend, Jeremiah Taylor, came out to join us. The gleeful duo explained that they live in an ancient Shasta mobile home. They gave Francesca and I a tour. The boys were all grins until I pulled out my camera. They agreed
to be photographed if they did not have to smile. Cowboys (and gypsies) don't do that.

I asked them if they would like to star in the King Mango parade that we're having in Wynwood December 10th. That got them smiling again as Jeremiah asked "That's sounds great! What do you want us to do?"
Just be yourselves", I replied, "You're great the way you are".

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  1. I must agree, they are GREAT the way they are. ~ snort!