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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've been exploring Wynwood, Miami's newest art district, lately. It's east of I-95, two miles NW of downtown. Yesterday Francesca and I enjoyed this weekend's Wynwood Art Fair.
It is different from the rest. You become a part of the art.
One artist offered us gum, took back the wrappers, and began using them to weave a purse. She then suggested we spit out our chewed Chiclets so we could add them to the art work growing on the roaring highway's fence behind her. We did.
Multi-talented Ruben Millares let us paint on giant lotus petals and Sleeper had us jumping over his colorful speed bumps. And speaking of sleepers, visual artist Edward Rossell de Jongh is painting 1044 faces of sleeping people. The talented young man took our pictures and said we will be include in his eventual compilation. As we opened our eyes another artist came along.
Crusty WIlliam Keddel asked us to donate our eyes to the needy, now. "Consider three. You two can do with one. Give the gift of sight!", said the eye-patched jokester. We declined.
We did have a great time and the show continues today (Sunday) until 6 pm. Friends With You will put on a colorful parade at 2:30. Bring your camera but unlike me, make sure your battery is charged.
This extremely creative event runs along NW 6 Avenue, from 29 Street south. Admission is $10 and all proceeds go to the Lotus House, a center for abused women.

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