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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bob Marley used to own a home in our neighborhood. That's where he spent his final days. Wednesday marked the thirtieth anniversary of his death.

Why did he have to leave us so soon, in his 36th year?

I just read that he injured a toe playing soccer. When it it became cancerous he refused to have it amputated. His religion would not allow it. The melanoma spread to the rest of his body and eventually killed him.
This made me think of the King Mango Strut's resident teddy bear, Peer Everett. My 6'4" friend was Cosmic Claus in Strut '83, a tie-dyed peacock in '09 and many strange characters in between.

He injured a toe last year probably playing rugby, his favorite game. When I visited him in a hospital last week he explained, "It got real funky so the doc cut it off". Peer, having no religious inhibitions, was okay with that. He is now home and doing well.

I just wish Mr. Marley had followed Peer's example.

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  1. 30 years ago? That ought to make me feel old but instead of feeling old I think I will go and crank up some of his tunes.
    Glad your friend is doing well.