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Monday, January 10, 2011


Sure, Elvis turned 76 last week but the big news was Luis Hernandez's 60th birthday.

In a unique twist he invited all of his friends to join him to refurbish a local a day care center.

A party it was. Saturday morning fifty of his friends gathered at Kidco Child Care Center in Miami's Allapatah neighborhood. It's been there since 1977 taking care of young kids while their parents work. The non-profit -funded primarily by county agencies- cares for 430 children, ages zero through five. Most of them come from low-income families.

So there we were, bright and early to honor Lou,
a talented early childhood educator.

Coconut Grove artist George Rodez created a small mural design which he then mapped out with chalk.

The rest of us grabbed paintbrushes and began filling it in.

Others (the "Red Team" and "Blue Team") rolled fresh paint over a fading playground.

Lots of fun for a good cause.

Said one participant, "This was the Jimmy Carter of all birthdays".

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