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Saturday, December 18, 2010


The holidays can be a busy time for teachers. Yesterday I was supposed to play Santa at a kindergarten party. At the last minute it was cancelled when it was discovered that some of the kids' parents didn't believe.

I was okay with that, yesterday we had music to play. For months our school's Didgeridoo Orchestra had been rehearsing for its premiere performance before a school-wide audience.
You may know the didgeridoo to be a primitive Australian wind instrument. When you blow it some hear the haunting sound of a ship passing through fog. Others hear flatulence.

We make ours from plastic plumbing pipe and decorate them the aborigines way.
Fifteen of my students, ages 9 through 11, performed magnificently. Some blew didj's while others beat on buckets, tamborines, and xylophones.
My kids played Christmas carols, more or less, to all whether they believed or not.
Santa would have been proud.

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