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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Everyday people representing our country get blown up and shot at. It boggles the mind to think about the sacrifices made by members of our country's military.

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It was nice to see them honored in Coconut Grove's Veterans Day parade.

This simple annual affair is sponsored by the Grove's America Legion Post 182 . It marched west on Grand, south on Douglas, and entered Charlotte Jane cemetery for a simple service. After a prayer a woman's voice lifted us skyward, her voice reminding us of how amazing grace can be.


After the parade my son ,Dylan, invited me to come along for a South Dade visit. He was buying recycled wood for his raised-bed garden business. After loading what seemed like two tons of greenheart, I asked, "Doesn't Barry Massin live around here?" The former Groveite had moved to the country years ago.

We called Barry and were welcomed at the gate of his 15-acre estate. On his golf cart tour we saw what he
describe as 165 species of trees and plants along with what I liked best, Barry's junk.

A rusting pile of saw blades, some twelve-feet long, was an incredibly shadowed sculpture. Mr. Massin's collection of tractor's seats was the best I've seen (and I've seen many). The best and and biggest thing on the property was Barry's smile and effervescent personality. Anyone who has encountered them walks away smiling themselves.
Barry and Dylan standing by the lake that our host dug with his gigantic earth sculpture machine. While we were there a kingfisher swooped down scaring the tilapia.

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