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Saturday, September 11, 2010


"The Coconut Players" is a non-profit group that promotes the arts, primarily the Grove's annual King Mango Strut Parade. Always needing money to operate, we decided to go into the button business last week.

I wasn't hard to do, Jody and Simon have a button machine and the Mangoheads have 28 years of King Mango art. Our plan is to come out with a new button every three weeks and to sell them for two bucks.

We're hoping that people like you will love them, that Coconut Grovites will start wearing them proudly like merit badges. Annamarie of the Windisch Gallery said as she pinned hers on, "I love it. It's like a miniature work of art!"

As you can see, the first one commemorates this year's Gulf Oil Spill. I drew it big but when it got down to button size ( 2 inches), it was hard to see the dead fish. Whatever
King Mango is obviously enjoying his day at the beach.

The ones that follow will have designs from past parades. These will include, "Don't Taze Me Bro!", "Do the Mangobama" and the original King Mango design from 1982.

They are currently on sale at Grove businesses including Shell Lumber, The Grove Bookstore, and the Windisch Gallery on Grand Avenue. You can also order them by mail by inquiring at

All the money raised will be used by our non-profit, Coconut Players Inc., to promote King Mango, love, and peace.


  1. Thanks for another clever idea, Glen!
    I bought two from the gallery last week.
    Keep on strutin'!

  2. I would love to sell these at the Barracuda Bar. Email me at if your interested