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Saturday, July 3, 2010


So now I’m a blogger, whatever that means. When I wrote for the Herald it was a column and a cartoon every other week. I got paid and my work was improved (usually) by a Herald editor. Now I’m writing for free at this address. I’m not sure how often I’ll add to it.

Wife Francesca is my new editor and she’s a darn good one.

Some of you have offered you own thoughts after my “first posting”, on the Grove’s peacock problem. Here are two of them. Tigertail Avenue’s Kitty Terry (a distant relative, maybe) shared her…


The Grove’s peacocks are so intriguing, so LOUD in mating season, at 3AM on my roof... so funny when they run or fly out of the nest in the oak tree. They ate my tomatoes in my garden AND the pink impatiens (but they left the lavender ones!).

I think they are really leftover dinosaurs with eyes in the back (like my mom used to say). Good or bad for real estate…who knows?

By the way, my mama peahen nests every spring in the same staghorn fern, but still, no babies.

Could she be suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome? I’d like to let her know I still have the same issue. Maybe she is a soul sister in beautiful disguise, a commie-hippy out to ruin the neighborhood, or, Lucy in the Tree with (blue) Eyeballs.

Love them or not, our feathered prancers amaze.

Welcome back, Grove Guy. Keep it up.

My friend Harry Emilio Gottlieb had this to say…


We killed (or relocated) the Indians. Six years ago we celebrated them with a statue atop a Miami River bridge. The City is now moving many of our majestic peacocks out of the Grove as we honor them with their own statues. What’s next, public replicas of the people that can no longer afford to live in Coconut Grove?


  1. Great idea Glenn to create a blog. I look forward reading your stories here now.

  2. Yay! Glad to see the Grove Guy back.

  3. Keep it up! Thoroughly enjoying your posts :)