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MINIVAN CONVERSION, PART ONE -Part Two ("the details") is the May 28, 2018, part of my blog



      You can do it. I started this conversation in 2011 to explain a simple way to convert a van into a camper.  It's been seen by hundreds of people daily, almost 400,000 so far.  Some send photos of their conversions and I tack them on.  

    Here's wishing you an endless summer of grand van adventures.  Our last Big Trip was a 12,000-mile journey in June, 2018 in our "new" van.  We've done a lot of weekend trips since then.  The Golden Goose will carry us up into the Smokey Mountains this summer.

     The latest is a 2012 Sienna and it became our second van conversion. I posted details of this undertaking my blog   (Its my 5-28-18 blog). Here's a specific link,  paste it in if clicking on it doesn't work.

From Coconut Grove, Florida,
Glenn Terry,


Here we are on 2021's Summer Adventure, camping in Cataloochee Valley in the NE part of Smokey Mountain National Park.  We love it here and so do the elk!


Now back to my 2011 conversion blog,

                                                                June, 2011

   We loved our old VW camper but the darn thing kept breaking down. Last month we replaced it with a 2004 Toyota Sienna van. At first it looked like the dozens you see on the road. Then, we tossed the back seats and replaced them with a simple bed frame.

Next, I covered the frame with plywood on hinges. There are four parts and each end lifts up to give access to the storage areas below. On the port side I built shelves and a cooking area.

At his point a small brown dog discovered our mini-camper and took up residence.

Francesca made curtains and our friend, Gina, helped us with cushions that allow us, to have either a back seat or a bed.

A table pops up for fine dining and the blue box to the right keeps the wine chilled.

We did this for $200*. A California company ( can to the same thing [including a pop-top] for $20,000. There's another website ( than offers instructions on how to do cheap minivan conversions.
*Yes, I bought the mattress at the Goodwill store ($30), cut it down to size and it worked out great.

A little tarp and two bamboo sticks gave us a front porch.

(May, '14 note.  The 6x8 tarp is okay for shade but not the best in the rain. We're upgrading to 8x10')

Today's the Big Day.  Francesca, Pi, and I are going to jump in our rolling home and head for Chicago. After that we'll go west on the Oregon Trail.
We'll probably stop at every place that allows dogs.  Stay tuned for details.

Postscript, December, 2011
Our Big Trip:  49 days,  29 camping nights (we stayed with friends a lot) , and 14,000 miles in the last six months, we have no regrets.
We drove almost 11,000 miles around the U.S. last summer with no significant problems.
Our design works well and seems just right for us. If you have a question write to and I'll try to help you.

VAN CONVERSION II , August, 2012
     It's been a little over a year since we did our conversion.  A number of you have written to ask for more information and photographs.  Someone suggested that I write detailed plans and I suppose I might someday.
   For now I'll show you  a little more about the seat that converts into a bed.   It is made of a 4x8 sheet of 3/8" plywood.  There are enough supports beneath it to keep it from bending. It is cut into four parts (with a little left over).  

The front two pieces form the back and bottom of the seat.  They are hinged to each other but not to anything else.  The supportive bottom struts hold them in place (in their two positions).
 When you lift the seat ups you notice the support that keeps it from sliding forward and the folding leg that holds up the starboard side of the front of the bed. A simple cabinet catch keeps it folded away (a magnetic catch, I later learned, works better) :
 Here's how it looks folded down:
 The back of the seat is held up by two pieces of hardwood (about 1.5"x3/16"x16") .  I have had trouble with them splitting under stress and I may replace them with steel supports.   They are pinned on each side with a 1/4" bolt tied to a piece of thin bungee cord (a rubber band would probably work as well).  The cord loops around a screw head under slight tension to keep the seat back and the supportive strut pinned together. 
 Removing them for the bed conversion is a breeze.  When not in use we keep them in the beverage holder a few inches away.

 The bottom of the seat struts are hinged to a thin piece of 3/8 plywood that is attached to the side of the bed frame.  They fold out of the way when it is time to go into bedroom mode.
 The third piece of the bed is permanent, 6" wide 3/8" plywood strip and it helps hold the bed frame together.  Hinged to it is the last piece which we call "the basement door".  Lift it up to reveal the "basement", our large storage area in the back.   
    The removed upper seat belt holes make a fine place for a supportive bolt.  A string loops on the "door" (each side)and hold it open when you want access to the back.
 The basement revealed:
I hope this helps.   I'll write more later...

Update-April 17, 2013
    Our van's been chillin' for the last year, just occasion trips around the Sunshine State.  In June we'll take it on another big adventure, north to Canada.  We see no need to change anything.
What we created 22 months ago still works fine. 

Update, August 22, 2013 
      We're back from our 7000 mile trip to Canada.  It was great (and well-covered in this blog).
We still can't think of anything significant we'd change in our van.
I may build another one just for fun (and sell the '04 that we now have).
I am being encouraged to write some sort of van conversion book.
I may do that when things slow down. On the road, somewhere in Northern Michigan

Update, Nov. 19, 2013
  Brian wrote asking "with mini-vans having uneven floors, how do you figure out how long each bed leg should be to have a level bed surface?"   I replied,

  Actually, all of the mini-vans' floors are uneven.  What you do is to park you van in a level place.  Then, you decide where you want your bed to be (like, 1 foot above the floor).   Here are two methods to figure out how long the bed legs should be.
  A) Get a level and mark the inside wall making a level line with pieces of tape.  This is where you'd want your bed to "touch" the inside wall.  Then you measure how long the legs have to be to reach the floor.
   B) Another way is to build a simple frame for your bed, say, 6' x 4' with four cross pieces (I used 2x2 pine).  Place this inside your van where you want your bed to be, on top of boxes or milk crates.  Get it level using shims or whatever.  Now you can actually measure how long each leg needs to be in the place that it will touch the floor.

Update, April 24, 2014
     Hi Gang,
     The van's in the driveway begging for the next adventure.  No solid plans yet but Bill S. just wrote to ask, "What do you do when it gets too hot to camp?  I responded,

Hi Bill,
     I'm glad you enjoyed my blog and the Sienna conversion post.  I

that, by far, i

 How do we stay cool while camping in the summer?
 First, we bought a van with an AC that works great (unlike the VW's). 
      Second, we try to go where it is cool in the summer (The west coast and any mountains, work fine).  We might camp on the ocean were there is a breeze and we also carry bring "our own breeze".  We have a plug-in fan and one that runs on batteries (30 hours on four batteries!).  
       Obviously, making screens that keep bugs out is important as well (covered up above somewhere).   Also, you make shade with

tarps suspended from your van (also above) or from nearby trees.
If you camp you see people creating portable carports with very large tarps tied to trees, protection from both rain and sun.

       In west Texas three years ago we attempted to camp in 106 degree weather.  I told my wife, "It'll cool off after sunset" and after the sun set, the thermometer climbed to 107. 
    We got a motel that night.  How we snuck the dog in is another story.

     I see that some create van "air conditioners" with ice-filled coolers and 12v fans (see 'em on You tube).  Whatever works for you...or, you could plug in the real thing.
     I once ran into a guy camping in the summer heat of the Florida Keys (not as bad as Texas) who carried a small AC on the floor of his van.  When it got too hot he hung it in the right front window, plugged it in and had instant cool!   

    How cool is that?
I hope you find this information helpful.
In Coconut Grove where it's starting to get warm again (we're  making plans to leave for the summer),
The Grove guy,

PS:  A couple of reminders,
    -If you have a question you can write to me (the info is somewhere above but it's getting crowded up there).  My e-address is  I am Glenn Terry and my wife and I live in Coconut Grove, Florida.

YOUR COMMENTS-  It is hard for people to "comment" on this blog.  Apparently they make you sign up to do it.  It you do wrote a comment please do not ask me a question.  I am unable to respond to comment questions and hey, I can't see your e-address either.

    -I blog about all kinds of things at    Of my 600+ entries, the one about converting the van gets the most hits (260,000+ as of 9-17)

   - I am an artist and recently started my own "country", The Mango Republic.  Its a great place and you can be a citizen for free.  The ruler ("King Mango") is gracious, benevolent and tells good jokes.   
You can buy cool Mango Republic t-shirts by seeing the Facebook page, or dropping me a line,  and I'll send you the one-page "catalog".   They're perfect for camping.
Answering Dave's Questions, May 4, 2015

Welcome to the site, Dave.  It's gotten over 260,000 hits since I put it together six years ago.  I know it lacks specifics but I haven't had time to add a lot of dimensions, drawings, more photos or so forth.  I think its pretty good the way it is.

I'm going to add an introductory video one of these days. 

   Congratulations on getting through nursing school.  I squeaked through law school many decades ago.  Twenty years later, I left lawyering to become an art teacher.  Best thing I ever did.
There are too many lawyers and I did my part to correct that problem.

                           The Quick Version
  You start converting your van tossing out the back seats.  Then, you measure the area you have to work with (things like, "How far do I want the driver's seat to slide back or recline?" become important...)  Then, it's how big to I want the bed to be? (Ours is a little narrower than a full ("double") bed)  Make it an inch longer than the tallest person sleeping in it.   Then, you build the shelves and stuff around that.  
Now built it!

 Improvised changing room, Cataloochee Campground, Smokey Mountain National Park, a very special place.  Making this "room" is a rare thing for us (it's the only time I've tried it).  I guess I was changing out of wet clothes after being caught in the rain.

   Its odd but there is very little I would do differently if I were building the camper now.  I would make the two struts that hold up the couch back stronger (thicker/stronger wood or maybe metal) because they cracked a bit and had to be repaired en route (no big deal).  

   We're just happy with our set up.  It's simple.  I even made a tiny fold-up toilet which also can be a stool or garbage can!
       Your planned route for the summer sounds great.  Did you see the one we took?  If not , look at the blog entries from the summer of 2011 (beginning at the end of June, 2014.  It is similar to the one you are planning).  It starts right after the conversion piece.

(Response to a question on 5-18-14)
Hi Jordan,
    Great to hear you're going to be having some fun in your soon-to-be-built Sienna camper (it's the same year as ours).
Look at that third seat carefully.  Fat, tight, bolts hold it to the frame.  Remove them with socket wrenches
and the whole seat lifts out.  I think we put the bolts back in to fill the remaining holes. In many cases we used the bolts like this, slightly sticking out, to hold or fasten things.
   I don't think I mention it in the blog but I also removed the flip-up mini-table between the two front seats.  This gives you much more room to pass to the back.  We don't miss it at all.  Some wedge little ice chests into the remaining spot for "easily accessible snacks".  Some of these have 12-volt refrigeration systems.    Our "refrigerator" (an ice box right behind the driver's seat) works fine for us.       Your friends to the south, 
Glenn and Francesca


JULY 1, 2014   We heard from the Dave and Meg Ronsman, a couple currently touring the west in their converted Honda minivan.  Here's a note from them plus info on their blog and a short, descriptive video (go to the end, the first entry on their blog, "June, 2014") for the "how we did it" part.

Thanks Glenn,
  Our van is complete.  We made a few changes and additions as you can see on our blog:   Without your pictures and a place for people to post similar experiences it would not have come to be.   
   We now have screens cut to fit outside the windows that we attach with magnets.  Curtains are coming soon.  We put a plug-in cooler in the "trunk" which helps to limit the necessity of buying ice. 
We love our foldable table idea, a nice luxury.  All in all we are very happy with how we built our camper based on your general model.

   With that being said, Meg and I are on the road.  We've enjoyed the luxury that the van brings- like sleeping in downtown Aspen, CO undercover on a travel day after backpacking the mountains. 
There is great joy in simple living.  

Enjoying the journey,
Dave and Meg

July 10, 2014
     I read that the Ronsmans (above) had begun their journey by driving from Wisconsin to San Francisco.  My wife and I are visiting the Bay Area too so we invited them to come see us in Berkeley. 
          It was so exciting to see them drive up in the '06 Odyssey, tricked out much like the one I built in this blog.   They've done a few things differently, like putting a plug-in cooler in "the basement".Dave is a happy camper

     They're a wonderful couple and we gave them the Berkeley tour.  Here we are in hills looking towards the San Francisco bay and the Golden gate bridge.

Francesca and Meg chillin' in the mini-camper.  
    This is the first time that I've seen the results of my minivan conversion blog in person.   It was a thrill.  We wish Meg and Dave many more miles of smiles on the road.

August 9, 2014             A new friend, "Ninh", wrote today.  She's about to go camping in her Sienna and asked about AC converters and lights.

Hi Ninh,
   Good to hear from you.  We just got back from a three-day 1000 mile trip in the van.  It worked perfectly, even at 120,000 miles!
  We sometimes use an $20 AC converter (Radio Shack) that plugs into the dash or the rear plug hole.  We use it for the computer, to re-charge the phone and camera, and other simple tasks.  
  How much light do you need?  For lights at night we use the van lights (there are many), electric lanterns, flashlights, and the little headband lights.  We have a propane lantern but don't take it with us much.  It is good for  creating a lot of light, at group gatherings and such.  
   Some people install a second battery in their vans to run lights, accessories and to not have to worry about running down the main engine battery.  Using too much of the main battery's power has never been a problem for us though.
     Most campgrounds have electricity so we keep an extension cord, small clamping desk light, an electric heater and fan in "the basement" boxes.
      Also, consider living without electricity for short times. Use candles or see what its like to explore "the dark".   The un-illuminated night an be an exciting place. 

  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need any other assistance.

October 21, 2014


     Ninh Drozen wrote to me last summer for a few tips on his Sienna conversion and I was happy to comply (see above). 
 Last month he and his wife completed their first adventure, a long awaited trip from the Bay Area to Seattle in their camper. 

Here are his thoughts about his project.

We just came back after almost 2000 miles from the Bay Area to Seattle.  The bed and shelves served us well.  We learned a lot more after the trip and some modifications are coming:

1. I'm going to reduce the bed length from 72" to 67" to gain some space behind the front seats (I am only 5'7", it's all we need))
2. Cut the width of the bed by 6" to build more shelves.  We found the shelves were so useful that we will build more.
3. Add an AC inverter to cook rice or hot water while we were driving.
4. Buy camping cookwares to save spaces as the handles from our home pots and pans are so awkward and take too much room. 

Also, the little table was great to have a a cozy meal while it rained outside.  There was a lot of rain on our trip.

My wife and I just spent the weekend in the Florida Keys in our converted Sienna.  See:
"  " (10-20-14 entry)
for pictures and commentary.                                           Glenn

 2-19-15      Last month we took the van to North Florida to explore our state's "Forgotten Coast".   We swam with manatees and camped on a windswept island.  You can read about it in my January/February '15 blogs.   
    Terri M. , from Sebastian, Fla., wrote today about converting her '09 Sienna.  Here's my reply:
Hi Terri,
    Thanks for thinking of my van conversion as "awesome".  My wife and I have certainly had some great times using it these last four years.
    I really don't have "specs"  on my van.  I started out by getting rid of the back seats then carefully measuring what spaces I had to work with, then worked from there.  We tried to  make it like a VW van, only better in many ways.  Sure, the top doesn't pop up to add another crummy bed and rarely used standing space, but that 's okay.  The gas fridge kept breaking down, etc.  With the Toyota you get much more comfort, more safety, and best of all, reliability.
    I'll try to answer specific questions should you have them (many converters write to me with questions).  You're welcome to come to Miami to see the van and to take measurements yourself.    
Good luck,
Glenn Terry,

 4-13-15    BED DIMENSIONS
    Today I went our to visit our camper in the driveway with  camera, note pad, and measuring tape in hand.  
    A new friend, Hugh Andrews, wrote to ask, "I just bought an '05 Sienna and am ready to convert it. Could you measure the bed top for me?".
I did this, described the building process (with photos) and sent them along to Hugh.  Now you can see them too.  
The Grove Guy 
( I live in Coconut Grove)
       To:    Hugh Andrews

Hello Hugh.
   Congratulations on your purchase.  You're going to have great adventures in your converted van.  Looking elsewhere on the Grove Guy blog, you can see that since 1911, we've taken our van all over the place.

Here are some suggestions and the measurements you asked for to help you build the top of the bed.

   Use good quality plywood, just thick enough (I used 5/8") to keep it strong but light. One 4"x8' piece of plywood will do. I had the lumber yard cut it as their saws make these long cuts clean and easy (and are well worth paying the cutting fee).

Again, I made my bed as long as I am tall, 6'1".  Our bed is 45" wide.  Note:  In May, 2018, I built a second bed that is 50" wide.  That's as wide as you can go with a 2011=2018 Sienna.  My wife wanted more room.

      First, the 5/8" plywood is cut length-ways to make it 45" wide.
Then you make horizontal cuts of 30", 5", 17", and 21".

Here's how they break down.  Imagine you are looking into the van from the back.  You've already built the bed frame from 2x2 pine.

Below you see the inside of the bed from the back with the four pieces of plywood marked.  In this position Piece #3 is ready to fold up to put the seat back in position.  

Here is the same thing seen from the front right side. (yes, it is blurry but what the heck.  That's piece #4 on the bottom with piece #3 on top of it, ready to fold up on its hinges to create the seat back.

1) As you look into the van from the back, just in front of you is the foot (bottom) of the bed. this is where the 30"x45" piece goes.  It will be fastened by two hinges to piece #2 and it will be the door that you lift up  (see photo to the left) to reveal the "basement" storage area.


2) The second piece, the 5" strip, is glued and screwed to the frame above piece #1.  This adds strength to the bed frame and it makes it more rigid.  It is the only
piece of the bed top that does not move.
Detail of right side corner where #1 and #2 attach in flat bed configuration.  #2 does not attach to #3 as #3 has to be free to "swing up" to form the seat back.

3) The third piece, 17"x45" plywood, will be the back of the seat that the bed converts to. It has a piece of 2x2 attached to the bottom (where it meets #2) to give it strength and allow a good place to attach the struts that hold it up in the seat position.  It is attached to #4 with three hinges (you can see them here).

4) The fourth piece is 21"x45" and it is the "head of the bed" and bottom of the seat. It moves forward when converting the seat into a bed. It has Two 2x2  on the bottom to add strength to the plywood and to prevent it from sliding forward when in seating position. The "south'' one goes next to the hinges.

You add these four length numbers and they come up to 73".  Amazing, 6'1", just like I had planned.

Here is what the top of the bed looks like, from the front right side, when all of the piece lie flat for the bed configuration.  #3 & #4 are attached by three hinges.  The middle one is a brass piano hinge (but most any thin hinges will do).  

 That's about it.
Good luck on your project. Glenn


 I added this photo for its entertainment value.  I got hit in the head by a falling papaya last week.  Hopefully, it will knock some sense into me.

May 5, 2015
    Hugh Andrews just finished his camper and is on his first mini-camper adventure (New River Gorge, WV)  How exciting.
     He built his so he can easily put the seats back in when camping season ends.  The bed is wider than ours (my wife loves this.  "I'd like that room to stretch out", says she.  What a craftsman, that Hugh. Check out the pictures he sent along:

He built the frame in his garage.  Below is the finished product.The "side table" probably bolts to the frame above. The right side of it holds the front left side of the bed.

 Lots of room here to stretch out

This is Hugh's "strut set" (with custom pockets to store them), the arms that hold the bench back upright.  I chose to attach mine permanently to the bed frame (they fold down when not in use).

 And now for a little levity in the tedious world of van conversion.  My old friends and I experienced our high school's 50-year reunion last weekend.  It ended with a Sunday softball game in which my buddy, Terry, caught a line drive in the face.  He swears it isn't as bad as it looks but, as you can see, I have my doubts.

And now, back to serious business,
Good work Hugh, and thanks for sharing your project with us.

Mr. Andrews is raising the coolness level of his van to new heights.  In the photo you can see his new tent extension that mounts over the raised back door ( a DAC Explorer 2, about $140) and and ARB 2500 awning (around $300).  He also considered a Tail Vail ( which is a similar rear tent that extends to the ground.

 These should keep the sun and bugs out....and speaking of bugs,

    We were recently surprised to see evidence of termites feasting on our van's interior woodwork. 
These piles of poop (and the bugs that were making them) had to go. We tried spraying termite poison in their tiny entrances and we gassed the van with a bug bomb. 
   We think these didn't kill the eggs because they were back in weeks.

    Extreme temperatures kill these critters too.  It never snows in Miami but it sure gets hot.  We learned that termites die when the temperature gets to 140 degrees for an hour. So, here's shat we did...
We put a meat thermometer in the window and a heater (and a big thermometer) on the floor.  We parked the van in the Miami mid-day summer sun. 

 The sun alone can take it up to 115 degrees inside.
It took two hours for the van's interior to reach 140.  An hour later we unplugged the heater and let our sweltering camper cool down.
When opened her up there were about 40 winged termites dead on the floor.  We could not detect any heat damage to our van.
We swept up the bugs and dumped them in our pond. The gold fish love baked termites!
 Lobster tails on the grill. Camping on the ocean in the Florida Keys

6-12-15  Unless we add pontoons our van will spend most of the summer in the driveway.  We're off to France.
     A friend sent me a video of someone who has converted a Sprint work van into something like a lush yoga temple,
     We kept our project simple and let the wilderness surrounding our van be our "temple".
     We spent this summer exploring three European countries.  We counted the (mostly uncomfortable) beds we slept in (twelve).  We concluded is that one of the coolest things about traveling in a van is that you have the same bed to come home to every night.
   If you want come on this adventure join up at 
    In van building news, Mark of Alaska sent me photos of a very simple van conversion project. It's a box with a front flap that rests on the folded middle seats.  A friend of his built this for $70.  It doesn't have a couch that converts to a bed or much storage.

It does allow you to switch back to passenger mode easily.  
  Last week my wife and I visited one of the sacred places for all who love, or have loved ( and probably suffered with), Volkswagen campers. 

   "GoWesty" is a thriving business on the central California coast (Los Ossos) that takes 86' to 03' VW vans and makes them like new.  Their mechanics go from bumper to bumper replacing every worn part.  They're not cheap.  Prices range from $30,000 to $70,000.
Note: "Westy" is the affectionate name for VW Westfalia camper vans.
     Their vans are for those who have dreamed of owning a VW camper and who can afford the best.            That's not me but,

check 'em out at . 

We used to own (and often repair) one  like this, an '87 VW Westfalia camper. 

In Europe, California, and Hawaii you can rent them.
My brother-in-law and his family are now living in one for a week as they explore Yosemite National Park. 

   I had to laugh at this cartoon in last Sunday's paper.  It captured the  troubles we had with our '87 VW camper.

     Now in the fall of '15 our Sienna camper is running great, begging for the next adventure.


      Our van spent months in the South Florida heat this summer (we were looking for cool weather in Europe).  We dusted it off last weekend and headed for a spot in the Keys. 

You can camp just ten feet from the Great Atlantic and Havana is just over the horizon.
More on my 10-12-15 blog, "30 Feet of Beachfront, $40".


Nov. 3, 2015
 This just in from a new friend, "Jim".  I'm not sure just what he did with all the drawers sliding here and there but he seems very happy with the results.

 Brilliant design! I copied it for my 2007 Sienna. I used an single IKEA pine bed for the base turning the headboard upside down.
I  used a 2' drawer slide to slide in for the seat and out for the bed. I used 3/4 ply for the bed hinged like yours. I made the seat back low enough to see out the back windows. 
   With only a few inches left, I hacked an IKEA small 3 drawer one foot wide x 3 foot chest in to a sink with a large stainless steel bowl, a grey water tank and two small drawers. This is mounted on flat mounted drawer slides I can slide forward with the front passenger seat. there is a folding shelf that folds out the side door for cooking if there is no table.
   For privacy I made refletex window covers with black fabric sewed and glued to one side. These have grommets which hold clear plastic suction cups that attach to the glass.
   Your design is the best I've seen for a minivan. I'm so inspired! on MINIVAN CONVERSION

(Thanks Jim.  Your enthusiasm is contagious!)  G

JUNE, 2016    
     Here we go, getting ready for another 11,000 mile trip from Miami to Berkeley with many, many stops along the way.
The van's been thoroughly checked out. She's got new tires and a bigger awning.  We "spread her wing" today for the first time.

This one is bigger and white (to reflect the sun better).  Stay tuned to for more stories from the road!
July 29, 2016
                           SECOND CROSSING 

   Many people look at this blog to see how we have converted our van into a camper.  That's  great but what you are reading is just one of 500+ entries in my "The Grove Guy" blog.
    If you want to see where we are traveling this summer just go to .

    We are now 5000 miles into another cross-country tour of the USA. Except for replacing one set of wheel bearings ($300, Lexington, Va.) our van has been behaving perfectly.   
  A camper van can take you to many fantastic places (like Rocky Mountain National Park) This is my wife, Francesca, watching a distant moose!

      We met another couple (Larry and Melanie) in Canyonlands NP last week.  They had converted their 2001 Sienna as well.  Incredibly, it has 281,000 miles on it and they say they've had no serious problems.  
  This happy couple retired early. They spend the summers van- camping and their winters on a 46' sailboat in  Mexico.                       Above, Larry giving the thumbs up for his Sienna        
I'll tell you about their conversion later. It is more simple than mine.
Wishing happy trails to you this summer,
Glenn & Francesca                                       

8-2-16,  Headline seen this morning: 


Maybe we're on to something.  Below is a link to an article about folks who live in their vans all the time. 
It's not our American dream but the folks described are living in rolling homes are a lot like our camper van,
       9-16-16   Hello van fans.  We've been on the road for three months now.  Two weeks ago I went to my first Burning Man (the 8-day festival in Nevada's desert) 

and after that, the van was thrilled to be visiting Yosemite NP again.  We're in Hurricane, Utah, at the moment, about to plunge into the wonders of Zion National Park.  I'm happy to report that our Toyota camper ("The Amber Rambler") is carrying us everywhere with a smile and no problems.  We'll be back in Florida in two weeks.

               HOME AGAIN-  We made it back to South Florida without any problems.  The American southwest is fantastic as ever. If you want to see details they're on the blog in the August/Sept. 2016 section.

NEW FRIENDS FROM CANADA                                      Dec. '16
        Isabelle and Hubert drove down from Quebec in November to 
spend a month in Florida.  Here are some photos of their Dodge Caravan conversion,

 Didn't they do a great job?  Isabelle reports that, since South Florida campgrounds are so crowded and expensive, they're often finding refuge in Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lots.  Apparently, the CB folks are okay with overnight camping. 
    Our Quebec friends are now passing through the American southwest on their 6-month tour.  We wish Isabelle and Hubert all the best.


May 1, '17
Joe Timm wrote asking me about the dimensions of each piece of the 1/2" p-wood bed.  I covered them earlier in the blog but here  they are again:

The " basement" piece of 1/2" plywood  (at the rear) is 30" deep, the next (the one that is permanent) is 5", then 17" (back of "couch") then 21" for the couch
seat.  When they are flat and next to each other (in bed configuration) they add up to 73" (6'1", my height). 
All are 45"wide.  They (and the bed) can be 50" wide in a Sienna. Wider means a little less shelf space. We chose 45" as it was the width of our old VW camper bed.  I will make the bed wider the next time. I will make my wife very happy.


May 1, '17
  Lisa has asked questions about the tarp we attach to the van to protect us from the sun and rain.  The little blue (6'x8') one you see at the blog's beginning was okay but a little small.  We now carry
two, one for rain and the other (larger for shade).  Here's my response:
Hi Lisa,
   Good questions, welcome to the van life.  I attach the shade tarp to the van roof rack by attaching a pole to the rack in a "permanent" way with rope. On end of the pole are small rope loops (attached to the pole through holes that I drilled). I attach the tarp to the loops with small pieces of rope.  Another way is to tie one end with rope (or use and "S" hook) and
the other end with a small bungee cord. You can put a rope tie in the middle of the tarp as well using a middle
grommet hole.
    The easiest poles to obtain are 2x2 pine (actually 1 1/2" sq. on end).  Round 1 1/2" wood poles (curtain rod mat'l) look
nicer.  I like bamboo because it's everywhere in South Florida and it looks cool.  Metal or fiberglass poles
are an option too.
   If you live in a forest, go find (and cut) the natural wood poles!
   My rack pole was bamboo but it is now a fiberglass extension pole used to clean pools or trim trees.  People here throw them out all the time so mine was free. Since it changes length (from 8' to 14') I can use different size tarps.  I glued pieces of broom sticks
into each end (with tough epoxy) to make the ends stronger.

  We use a smaller, blue one for rain (8x10, I think) and a large white one for serious shade ( 10' x 12'). 
 Let's discuss the "outside corner poles" now.  Ours are 1" bamboo with 1/4" wooden pegs glued into the ends to go
through the grommet holes. There are two poles, one at each corner. Mine are 6'6" tall. The poles are a little shorter that the roof rack pole's height
(mounted on the van) so there will be enough slope allowing the rain to drain off.  We carry a third pole too as sometimes it is
needed to support the middle to drain off heavy rain. These poles are tied to roof rack when not in use with rope or straps.
   You'd think rain would come down the side of the van but on our Sienna, it does not.  The roof is designed to channel it off the ends of the roof. I suppose this means the outer poles could be taller than the roof rack pole with the water draining on to the roof. I haven not tried that option.
     We put our ground rope loops over the outer pole pegs and fasten the other end of the ten-foot ropes to the ground using tent stakes or 1-foot nails.  If you camp near trees we also consider tying onto them.


 In the distance you can see our "shade tarp" erected at out campsite at Long Key State Park. The umbrella helps too.

                                         Forty feet on the ocean, forty bucks a night.



  Every couple of years we take everything out. We clean, vacuum, and throw out things never used.  People sometimes ask for more explanatory photos. Okay, here's what parts of the van's interior look like "bare" six years after the conversion:
It hasn't changed much. Here's how we fasten the back of the couch to the bed frame.
 This is what it looks  like with the "couch" portion of the bed removed.  Below is what we 
store below the couch. The two plastic boxes pull out like drawers when it is covered.

What we call the "basement door" (the bottom of the bed which lifts up).
I like this feature a lot, a drawer filled with kitchen
gear that pulls out both inside or outside.

  July 29, 2017
    I'm spending the summer in California.  There is no shortage of cool campers here. Here's one I saw in Santa Cruz recently,

In other news,
    I just got a note from Trina L. asking, "How can I put a simple toilet in my van?  I don't have much room and I don't want to go the
5-gallon bucket route".
   My solution is something like a bucket that folds up.  I replied to her,

Hi Trina,
For starters,  we rarely need a potty (there are so many public bathrooms and bushes in the world!) so we went "minimalist".
We, like many campers, have a $12 folding plastic stool.  It's a great design and takes up little space. 
We open it up, put a plastic bag over it, and put a toilet seat* on the top.  Viola!
It's like having a bathroom that's the size of a book.


* I made the small seat myself from plywood.  Four little squares on the bottom keep it secure, set inside the four legs, on the upside down stool. It is quite small but it works.

Feb. '17
(Response to questions about the plywood bed sections)

   I'll try to answer your questions:
When you look at the plywood bed base from the rear of the van,
you see four rectangles of plywood.
-The one closest to you is the basement lid.  It is 30" deep. It
has hinges and lifts up to reveal "the basement" storage area below.
-the next one is just 5" wide. and it is permanent, giving the whole
thing stability ('cause everything else "moves") and a place to connect hinges.
-the next one hinges too (connected, like the first one, to the 5" piece).  It is the seat back and it is 17" wide.
-the last one is closest to the front.  This part of the van bed is the
couch seat when converted.  It is 21" wide.
  You last question was "How high is the bed?".  The top of the bed baseis 11" from the floor.
   Our bed is 45" wide.  It could be wider or more narrow according to your needs.  Our former VW van bed was that wide so we got use to that.
I hope this helps,
June, 2018 NOTE:  See all your question answered in detail (and photos) by going to my June, 2018 blog "Chapter Two")
Hi,  I just rec'd this detailed note from Elizabeth M of San Jose. They used some of my ideas and others of their own to create
the rig that was right for them.

Dear Glenn,
I want to add my thanks to you for posting all the information about your Sienna camper.

I was inspired to remove the 3rd row seats and reveal the bug rear "basement" storage area, but I wanted to keep the option of removing the camping setup and using the van with the middle row seats in as a passenger car or with no seats as a gear hauler.

I used a purchased adjustable metal bed frame and tongue-and-groove deck wood for the platform of the bed,  We use a pair of Costco self-inflating camping pads with a Costco memory foam double-bed mattress topper to sleep on.  Very comfy and well insulated (a blow-up mattress lost too much of our body heat on cold nights!). Reflectix cut to fit snug inside the windows (with black fabric on one side and one side left foil-faced) gives us privacy and insulation. We also have no-see-um netting that I put on the roll-down middle and front windows from the outside with masking tape, so we can get bug-free cross ventilation with the Tail Veil on warm nights. 

The bed is raised enough off the floor of the center of the car for us to use the under-bed area as storage with a pair of Serilite rolling under-bed storage boxes that roll in from the rear, one for dry food and one for toilet/washroom gear. We set up a Tail Veil ( and a Pahaque Teepee shower shelter ( with an inflatable kiddie-pool and foldable toilet seat on its floor when we stay in one place a while. We love 'boondock' camping so we are set up with 'water bricks' for fresh water and for pack-it-in pack-it-out sanitation with a BLM kayakers style tube ( and a big polyethelene jug that kitty litter came in to use as our greywater collection container, to dump when we get to a vault toilet.

The space between the end of the bed and the front seats is enough to store the cooler behind the passenger seat (allowing the passenger seat to recline a good bit) and our Grub Hub camp kitchen ( on the driver's side. We love the Grub Hub! It lifts out of the van and sets up anywhere, giving us work tables, sink, stove support, trash bin, and hangers for a light and a water bag. We learned the hard way that it will weather 45 mph wind gusts IF it is staked down at all the stake-down points.  We no longer use "disposable' propane bottles; we have both 1 lb and 5 lb refillable tanks for the Colman propane stove that fits in the Grub Hub. 

We did a great trip around southern Utah in the fall of last year, but missed going into Escalante Staircase NM because of a three-day rainstorm. The Smittybilt awning we thought we'd use for sun shelter was instead put to use to give us a dry spot next to the car for the camp kitchen and two chairs!  

Again, thanks for the inspiration!

Elizabeth M

June 14, 2018
   I just finished my second Sienna Conversion. It took two weeks and a good bit of woodwork. I spent $120 on materials and about the same on the cushions for the mattress and couch.  See the whole, detailed process by going to my late May, '18 entry.
Here are some photos from my latest creation. It's a lot like the first one 'cept the van is newer and the bed, 5" wider.

  Now we need to put in the cushions load 'er up for the next adventure.  We begin a 10,000 mile cross-country trip next week.  We're excited!
Sept. 10, 2018 
   Hey, We're still excited.  We just drove our van from Miami to Canada and down to California.  8,000 miles of fun and everything worked perfectly.
   I took it to Burning Man in the Nevada desert two weeks ago and it kept the dust storms at bay. 

With our bikes on the back
 Banana jet at BMan
 My son, Ian, waking up. The van is sheltered behind him. If you want to learn about our BMan adventures, go to , Sept. 2018 .
   In two weeks we'll take the long road back to Florida.  I'm happy to report that everything has gone so well on this trip. Our camper van has been the perfect way to enjoy a long summer on the road.
  It'd be a sin to defecate in the Great American Desert. That's why I invented the world's smallest portable potty.

    The size of a notebook, you can take anywhere that nature calls. Think of it as a bathroom you can keep in your backpack. 

     This project began with  a common campsite accoutrement, the simple folding step stool.



    Staring at mine two summers ago I realized I could turn it into a toilet, a skinny-mini porto-potti.



My wife and I were camping in SE Arizona with no one around. 

 Francesca took the dog for a walk

while I tried out my tiny toilet. 



    I was in one of the most open,  beautiful places on Earth but the darn thing could have worked in the privacy of our camper van as well.

      My portable privy started out as a twelve-dollar step stool. I realized if you flipped it over and added a plastic bag it became a nifty trash can. 








 Pondering further possibilities, I thought, "In a pinch I could sit on this thing and relieve myself!".

      I fashioned a plywood toilet seat that fit snugly on top. 









Yes, it's better suited for a six-year-old but in a pinch, in The Great American Desert, it worked for me.





Psst:  It's really small but serves it purpose when needed.  Most times we use the loo in campground bathrooms, or, when rolling, rest stops and fast food joints. 






I would like to thank this project's chief photographer, Francesca, for taking on this assignment.



This could be the world's most spectacular camping spot. 
Can you find "Goldie", our camper van?


  1. Nice job on the van! Now I see why you didn't answer my VW query. Oregon Country Fair?

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  2. Nice awning! I would love to do a conversion on my fiat scudo van sometime, looks like fun!

  3. Wow... this is exactly what I'm wanting to do but could not get the ideas from head to van. Would you be willing to share more info about your bed design please.

    1. Steve,
      I'll tell you anything you need to know.
      We're here to help each other, right?

    2. Glenn: I own a 2001 Toyota Sienna with 210,000 miles and it still runs well, is watertight and dependable. Great car, and I'm glad your comments are giving the model its due. I have a couple questions about your layout: 1) Have you published a schematic of your bed/shelves/storage/table yet? 2) is the bed frame a standard "twin" size? 3) when bed is in the "seat" position, is the rear "storage basement" open to view? 4) are you aware of any mobile wi-fi equipment available to use my laptop while parked? ---Bryan O

  4. Like the shelves at the rear window..
    I keep looking for a screened window solution.
    I currently use the eaves trough leaf guards (white plastic with screen) available at Home Depot that fit in the side windows of the sliding doors. My wife and I travel extensively in our Sienna. Nice to be able to travel till you drop anchor wherever.

    1. could you provide more info about how you screen your windows? Thanks.

    2. I am planning on doing a minivan rv usin a dodge grand caravan, and thinking a wireframe, bent to fit the rear vent windows and front front windows

  5. Planning to incorporate some of your ideas in my van. Question: where did you generally camp? I've read and have been considering truck stops and Wal-Mart lots. Tried that? Garry

    1. Casinos are great places to urban camp. Wonderful, cheap meals, and security.

  6. Garry,
    We generally camped in state and national parks. You can't beat the price (usually $8 if you're 62 or older and $16 otherwise). We found the Wal-Mart scene to be a little creepy, bright lights and asphault (but some swear by it!). Truck stops? Try parking next to an 18-wheeler with its motor running all night! We did.
    Some of you others ask questions bu I can't figure out hows to reply directly to you. When I hit "reply" after you comments, nothing happens. GT

  7. Yeah parking at walmart or any retail parking lot for that matter can be annoying, especially when at 3 am in the morning a street sweeper beings to clean the lot :) I too love my VW, but recently have been considering one of these. Can i ask you how much you paid for the sienna and the year? And what is your actual mpg? Also, about how long did it take to finish the conversion? Did you fabricate your own mats, or were you able to find covers?

    1. J,
      We bought a 2004 with 95,000 miles for $8,400. It's been terrific.
      The actual millage is @24-25 HWY and 19 in the city.
      The conversion took two weeks, 20-25 hours. We made out mats in three parts
      and they velcro tother while sleeping. Small "lips on the bed frame keep them in place as well.

  8. It's hard to find great conversions for mini vans and I really like this one. I love the idea of using hinges to get at the storage under the bed. It seems that you have more room then I would have expected. Do you have any recommendations for a single van dweller? Since I see your bed can fit two. Perhaps do 2/3rd of the van for bed and couch then the other third for storage. hmm.

    1. Hola Theresa,
      If I alone were living in the van I would use a third of the present bed space for storage, maybe on one side, floor to ceiling. We even have a "bathroom" in ours that's the side of a phonebook! We turn our plastic filing stool into a ...well, y'know, when we rarely need it.
      As you've probably noticed, there are many sites for van-dwelling ideas. They've got all kinds of suggestions. Good luck!

    2. I know this is sort of an old post but there is this incredible solo conversion at this link:

      I'm working on a sort of hybrid of your design and this guy's.
      Thanks for taking the time to explain the design, it was incredibly helpful!

    3. Also looking to do a minivan RV, but using a Dodfe Grand Caravan... and the bed I plan on running from behind drivers seat all the way to the rear hatch (long enough for my over six foot tall body) width of 30" - 36" with a hinged front that flip up for ext width... cushion with back that velcro together, a flip up section in the rear to stow a small chemical toilet.

    4. That link is now .....

  9. Glenn,
    Nice Job!!
    I just bought a sienna after seeing your post. I can see how you made the bed. Do you have any additional photos or help you can offer for the side shelving, drop down table, and couch locks.

    Anything you can offer as help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Thanks Steve,
      Congrats on your Sienna purchase! Maybe I can take more photos to explain the couch locks and such. What we use to hold the back of the couch up is two pieces of 1/4 " wood (about 20" x 1.5") with a hole in each end. WIth the couch up it forms a triangle (with the bed frame and the back of the couch) to hold it all together. The supports are bolted to the frame (bottom) and and temporary 1/4 " bolts attach to the top of the back (held in place with a bit of tension by bungee cord. It would probably be better to make the supports out of 1/8" steel as our wood supports have a tendency to split under stress. When the couch is in bed mode the supports fold down nicely next to the bed frame. When not in use, we keep the temporary bolts with their attached bungee loops in a nearby cup holder.
      The "drop down table" is actually stored in the back hole (we call it "the basement") and with all the good weather we encounter, we rarely use it. We prefer the picnic tables at camp sites.
      The side shelving? We measured a lot and used a lot of cardboard to see how the shelves should be cut to match the curves of the walls. Get creative!
      I guess I should take pictures of all these things to make it easier for guys like you.

    2. We just today got our sienna mini-van and we are excited for our first trip. I love what you've done with the place. hmmm, 20 - 25 hours? It will likely take us (much) longer than that. Would love more photos. We're having a challenge figuring out the hinge system for the front legs of the bed.

  10. I love my 2004 Toyota Corolla Mini RV ! Love your van !



    1. Thanks Wolf,
      How sweet it is to drive a Sienna camper (as opposed to a VW -I've had 3-) not worrying if it would make it to the next repair shop.
      Blessings 2 U 2,

  11. RE: Screens
    If you have steel around the windows go to one of the craft stores and pickup enough 1/2" magnetic tape to surround your window(s). It glues to fiberglass screening with gel type glues like GOOP and you can have custom shaped screens for your windows. I used it on the windows of a F 150 when I slept in the cab. It worked well for me as long as I wasn't trying to drive anywhere and I slept in some seriously mosquito laden areas too!

    1. Hey Belly of Blue,
      Your system sounds great. We just use the magnetic discs to keep our screens in place (about $4 for 10 at Walmart, 2 0r 3 sizes). It doesn't take long to put them up. Your method sounds like it goes up quicker but ours might store in a smaller space.

  12. Absolutely fantastic Glenn! I would love to see more photos detailing the construction. I have a 2006 Sienna and have been looking for ideas and inspiration to go beyond my minimalistic approach of sleeping on a pad on the floor and Rubbermaid bins. This is how I addressed the mosquito/midge netting on mine:

    I sewed a 2mm cord into the perimeter of the netting, in the shape of the front window frame. That keys into the weatherstripping and the door is closed. Then a tight fitting stick pins the bottom of the screen against the lower sill. The wind deflector allows the window to be cracked a couple of inches during rain and it works well though the ventilation is inadequate for the hot months in the south. I'll do something similar for the center doors though perhaps with Velcro or magnets.
    John Clay

  13. I saw your blog and now own a Toyota Sienna. With all the positive response you have gotten, have you been inspired to publish your conversion plans? We are not blessed with your ability and need some help. Looking forward to hitting the road in style.

    1. Dear Crafty One,
      We think you'll have a great time converting your van into something you can camp in. We look forward to helping folks like you.
      My wife (Francesca) and I are travelling a lot this summer to places too far for our Sienna. When we return in August we can publish more information and photos. Specific questions? Our best e-address is
      Crafty Too (Glenn)

    2. Hola Crafty,
      I added more information (and photos) to my conversion story today.

  14. Nice work---especially the beautiful shelf unit next to the rear vent window. My Sienna has been modified for car-camping with a flat/level floor, shelves, spare tire storage in the seat well, curtains, a center console, and plywood storage boxes that double as a sleeping surface. Photos here: . Happy camping!

    1. Yes, there are many ways to build a camper. This version works great for us. Thanks for sharing and happy camping to you.

    2. Hola Listorama,
      Thanks for sharing your plans. We prefer the more permanent set-up, I guess. Your "easy on the eyes" milk jug lamp is sheer genius!

  15. You mentioned a trip on the Oregon Trail. Did you ever do that? I'd be interested because I want to do the same thing.

  16. Wow Glenn,
    First I have got to say this is one of the most beautiful and well built examples of a 2 person camper from a minivan I have ever come across.
    It had been my dream to do this for years and I finally built my own this past summer to take with me while working in Northern British Columbia doing some tree planting. I used a system similar to your hinged to allow different setups and storage access but it was very rudimentary (milk crates were involved) and after seeing your great design I am strongly considering a renovation for next spring.
    I am wondering though where you do most of your cooking? do you use the table in front of the couch, remove that cushion over your basement, or simply use picnic tables?

  17. Hello Aeryk,
    The "reply" option doesn't work today so I'll comment saying I'm glad you like our conversion. It's pretty simple but it works for us. To answer your question, we cook on picnic tables most of the time. We think the smaller the camper, the more time you get to spend outside and "outside" is where it's at. Right?
    We do some cooking inside in bad weather or if we want a late night cup of tea. Then we fire up the propane stove "in the kitchen", the shelf on the left side. It's just big enough to hold the stove.

  18. I did something similar, but different with my Sienna. Since I still drive to work 5 days a week and need to carry 4 people in a street legal way, I took out the back seats, and built two storage areas. I then built a short table/platform that lines up with the back storage areas and can form a sleeping platform, when the middle seats are taken out for weekend camping trips. Some pictures are shown at:

    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Peter. Our van is just for camping and a backup when our other two cars are in the shop. I'm glad you can use yours for "everything". G

  19. Very nice job i just bought a grand caravan and was looking for some ideas. Love what you got going on . Thanks for the tips

    1. I also plan on doing one with a grand caravan... I bought one that was modified for a wheel chair (the floor has been lower 10" and it has a ramp that folds out the passenger sliding door.
      I have stripped a few RVs and conversion vans, and have most of what I need to convert either the 2000 rp van or another van into a minivan RV. Just a matter money
      I aldo want to add a raised roof (high top) found one thats about $1100 new.
      Also want to tow a small cargo trailer behind it, with my generater, water, propane and fuel tanks.
      The ramp van, has had the fuel tank to the rear where the spare tire usually is, and the spare mounted inside, against the rear seat. So not sure if I can find a hitch that will fit it.

  20. I have to visit this page frequently so I can use the knowledge I got here when I buy a Suzuki APV to travel with my future family. Nice blog!

    1. Hello HunkRider,
      I'm glad my blog was able to help you out. Our van has 110,000 miles on it now and we'll enjoy adding about 7,000 move this summer.

  21. I have posted more pictures of what I did on Flickr:

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I admire what you have done here. I love the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that is working for you as well. Do you have any more info on this?
    DU-104 Drums

  24. Dear Commenter Friends,
    When you write comments that ask questions I have no way to respond directly. Blogspot does not make this easy.
    If you've a question, just write directly to me, This address is in my blog too but it can be hard to find.
    Glenn, the Grove guy,
    Coconut Grove
    Maryam- The only info I've published is in the blog. Go back to June 2011. That's where I write about building the camper.
    People are encouraging me to write a book about converting vans. I suppose I will when life slows down a bit.

  25. Jeanne, Here are y answers to your e-mailed questions,
    1) No,we didn't insulate our van. We live in the South where
    it doesn't get too cold. When it is hot, we go north where it
    is cooler! We also use fans (plug-in and battery powered)
    at times. Insulation, I think, would take away a lot of interior
    2) I did not attach the shelves to the walls. They are a part of a ceiling-to-floor "shelf unit". This is screwed into the bed frame. All of it is wedged in between the two walls and it does not move at all while driving. I built it to "fit tight" and there's even little felt pieces to keep the wood frame from pushing the walls too hard or rattling. The many floor legs (and gravity) help it to stay in place as well. Happy weekend,

  26. VW Campers are such a thing of elegance although the breaking down as you described could often be problematic. They almost take driving back to how it used to be. I don't know if you heard or not but the Brazilian factory that actually still produced them today is actually closing down so they will finally cease production. Sad day.

    Keith Johnson

  27. I've been camping solo in my minivan (Voyager) for several years. I took out both back seats and simply use a cot (springs are nice!). I store everything underneath. On the other side I have room for a potty (10 gal bucket with toilet seat top (Walmart) and garbage can liners), a folding bike, and an ice chest. A clothes bar holds my clothes and I push them to one side or the other as needed. I made curtains, but one problem I haven't solved is screens for the windows. Anyone have any good ideas?

  28. MINI-VAN SCREENS: We cut plastic screen material to the shape of our four windows that open (you could do the back hatch as well). We make them 2-3" larger than the opening. When needed, we take them out of a storage bin, unfold them, and place them on the outside attaching them with magnets, available at Walmart and other stores. It doesn't look great but it works. No problem raising the windows when it rains too.

    I saw some one who had cut screens to window size plus an inch, folded the outside inch over (at the 1/2 inch point) with a rubber screen bead inside. He then sewed it up (whew!). He'd then stuff the edges into the window slots going around each open window. Crazy but creative just the same...awful when it rains at 2 a.m.

  29. OH MY GOSH
    serious jealousy and wanderlust here
    i'm a 17 year old kid with a banjo, a puppy dog and a love for road trippin'.
    i think my first car is gonna have to be a van. i can still drive to work but then just go when i've got to.
    this idea was sparked a while back and every day i get more and more infatuated with it.
    thank you so much for these ideas and inspiration.
    you, sir, are awesome


    1. Abby, I don't know about me but I know YOU will be awesome if you put together your own road trippin' minivan. Imagine gliding along in your mobile home with your banjo, and puppy dog, cruising down a mysterious road not knowing what lies beyond the next bend.
      Exploring Northern California at the moment,

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  33. After our 2000-mile trip from the Bay Area to Seattle, we did some modifications to our van:

    1. We shortened the bed to have more room behind the front seats.
    2. Narrowed the bed to have more room for the shelves.
    3. Added a deep cycle battery to run our 40 L cooler, and 1000W inverter for microwave oven and rice cooker.

    We use the rice cooker while we are driving so it does not affect the battery. The cooler is 12V and can run 15 hours on the battery. We only have to watch the battery when we stopped to cook or heat food suing a stove or microwave. I installed a disconnect switch between the 2 batteries to make sure nothing is connected to the car battery at night.

    We took a trip last week to Humboldt Redwood State Park and everything worked as planned. One night the deep cycle battery ran out of juice because we used too much inverter and stove.

    I have not been able to attach pictures to the post. May be Glenn can help me with this.

  34. B) Another way is to build a simple frame for your bed, say, 6' x 4' with four cross pieces (I ...

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  36. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  38. We just came back from a 3600-mile trip in Mar and Apr 2015 visiting 9 national parks, 1 national monuments, Antelope Canyon, and Monument Valley in UT, AZ, and CA. Everything worked out great except that our parks are getting popular and there are more visitors than we expected at this time of the year.

    One mod we are looking into is getting a better 12V cooler. The one we have now is inexpensive but it just runs regardless of the inside temperature. Couple mornings in Bryce, the contents froze when outside temp dropped to 32 degrees. A better cooler has set temperature to stop the compressor when the set point is reached. This also saves the deep cycle battery that we have.

  39. As a Swiss, I recently started researching about Van rentals in the USA for a trip in May/June 2016 to visit serveral National Parks in Western United States. The options I found so far are huge RV's and motorhomes. But I really prefer a camper van / converted van as mentioned in this blog here to stay on campgrounds in the National Parks - I don't need a huge fancy home on wheels. So my idea is to rent such a van from a privat owner, if possible - like a Toyota Sienna or Volkswagen T5 or similar and take care on an appropriate insurance cover. So I really appreciate recommendations or suggestions to be hopefully able to rent such a van in California/Utah/Colorado for about 6 weeks, beginning of May 2016. thank you

    1. Florindo:

      You should look into or They have vans for rent. On our last trip to southwest national parks, we saw many of these.

      Good luck,

    2. Yes, we see these rental camper vans all over the west. Jucy and Escape, along with a few others, seem to have attractive campers. You can spend $200 per day for one of these but I prefer to make (and enjoy) my own rolling home. As I've been away from home for 40 days now, I guess I have saved $8000 in rental fees so far.

  40. Fantastic work and great blog. I'm really hoping you come out with a book soon! Until then I'm going to be coming back to this page for more ideas and info. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. Thnx Greg. Just drove 5000 miles in the last month touring the wild west again. We LOVE our van!

  41. I did a long trip last summer (CA to Yellowstone to Regina and Winnipeg to WI to Chicago to StL and back to CA with many more pts between) in my Caravan. I didn't get fancy. My van has the seats that fold into the floor. I made a couch pad bed along one side of the van and put my camping gear and luggage across the back. That gave me plenty of headroom. A couple of things I did for comfort and privacy were to cut black foamcore inserts for the back side windows and the rear window (the side ones just popped in, I used stick-on velcro dots for the back) and used gaffers tape to cover the side windows on the sliding doors with screen fabric. that way I could put the windows down and get a good cross-breeze. If I was feeling unsafe, I could still put the windows down several inches. When I was younger, my sister and I "camped' by putting a twin mattress in the trunk of a 1960 Impala and fastening fabric around the open trunk with clothespins. That's how I give myself a dressing room when mosquitos are not an issue--just open the rear hatch, clothespin or binderclip fabric (sheets work well) to the hatch and put a rug on the ground. I think I may have to build me a bedframe now, though!

  42. Brilliant design! I copied it for my 2007 sienna, I used an single IKEA pine bed for the base turned the headboard upside down and used a 2' drawer slide to slide in for the seat and out for the bed. I used 3/4 ply for the bed hinged like yours. I made the seat back low enough to see out the back windows. Then with only a few inches left, I hacked an IKEA small 3 drawer 1 foot wide x 3 foot chest in to a sink with a large stainless steel bowl, a grey water tank and two small drawers. This is mounted on flat mounted drawer slides I can slide forward with the front passenger seat. there is a folding shelf that folds out the side door for cooking if there is no table. also i made refletex window covers with black fabric sewed and glued to one side these have grommets which hold clear plastic suction cups that attach to the glass.Your design is the best i've seen for a minivan, i'm inspired!

    1. Jim, interesting idea using IKEA materials. Any pictures you'd care to share? I'm having trouble visualizing how you did it. - Andy (

    2. Hey Andy, I've added photos of my sliding sink-drawer-table Ikea small chest of drawers hack to my blog.
      I'll add photos if the slide out bed -couch. later.

    3. You're very kind, Jim. We are currently enjoying our van in Yosimite NP. I feel like a trout swimming in the clear, cool, Tuollome River.

  43. HI Glenn. Really like your design as many folks before me. I have not seen as far as I can find any info on your shelve which looks beautiful.
    Just wondering how you keep in in place, did you put the stove on the table or shelve to cook, how did you attach the table, and is that a drawer. I am thinking that I want to build the shelve first and use the bed frame and van to pressure fit it in.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated
    Thanks so much from the far north.


    1. You can build the shelves and bed frame separately. Everything stays in place because the frames rests against the walls (snug, with 1/4 inch felt pads in-between. I rarely use the stove inside. Picnic tables work fine. Yes, that is a drawer that opens to the inside and (with the port side door open) outide as well.

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    I want to find plans on how to do this that I can hand to a person to have build it for me, like a handyman.

    Does you have plans?
    Know where I can get plans?
    What do you recommend I do?
    Thanks Hal

    1. Hi Hal, Searching the web you may find van plans that are right for you. On my blog, I just share what I, and a few few friends, did. Good luck. I recommend that you figure out what you want, buy a van that's complete, or find "a handyman" who will build one for you. Glenn

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